JMP's Birds & Accessories

Hobbyist Bird Breeders & Designers of Quality Bird Accessories...


Please note that we (Jess, Michelle & Peter) are only Hobbyist Bird Breeders!

We are currently breeding, Green Cheeked Conures (including blue mutations), Quakers, Moustache Parrots,  Alexandrines and Crimson Bellied Conures.

We are located in Ipswich, Qld, Australia - Unfortunately we don't freight our birds and we most definitely do not export birds to any other country!

We do not sell unweaned birds! All birds are sold after fledging/weaning and being monitored for a certain time period to ensure they are fully independent/weaned before being sold.

Please note that you must choose carefully as no refunds or exchanges can be made after the birds have been sold.

You are never at any time, under any obligation to purchase birds or other items from us.

We are also the proud creators and designers of our very own original Birdy Bunks, Birdy Perch Tents, Shoulder Capes, Toys and more... All information regarding our accessories can be found under the tab "Birdy Accessories"