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Quotes I've only got the 1 Birdy Bunk for my cockatiel as I didn't think he'd use it...WRONG!! he loves it - so much so that there isn't a single piece of poop in his bunk at all! He backs out just far enough to do his business. Sure am willling to grab some more of JMP's Birdy Bunks for next season because they are fabulous. Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes Hey guys, the birdy bunks are awesome! I have no trouble selling them because I compare them to the plain one I have from a petshop, so it's an easy choice! My current bubs will be ready soon & almost all the people who have deposits on them have said that they'll grab a bunk too!!! Quotes
Tamika M
Happy Wholesale Customer

Quotes I received my bird bunk's today as well as a cape, they are extremely well made with care and would like to say a big thank you and to let people know what a pleasure it was to do business with JMP's Fantastic much better made than the ones in pet shops! Quotes
Cindy-Louise Wagner

Quotes Thanks, Charlie loves his new birdy bunk and parrot cape - great job! I will be spreading the word. Thankyou Quotes
Leanne J
Happy Customer

Quotes Our Nanday Conure loves his birdy bunk! Quotes
Oak Aviaries
Happy Customer

Quotes Our Connie the conure loves her Birdy Bunk - plays in it, sleeps in it hides in it! Don't know what she would ever do with out it. Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes Hey! My birdy bunk pack arrived today. Thanks so much :) I will be sure to post a photo of my lorri in it when i've given it to him, he's going to love it. I was going to keep it for xmas but i don't know if i can wait that long lol. Thanks again!! Very happy with my purchases :) Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes Received my gorgeous green alligator bird hut today ..... thanks so much JMP!!! Can't wait to get my conure now :-))) Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes Hey guys my babies adore your bird houses! One for each ! Thanks so much keep up the groovy designs x Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes Received my Birdy bunk today! Thank you - such great quality! My princess parrot thanks you too :) Cheers x Quotes
Happy Customer
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