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JMP's Bird Accessories

We proudly make & design our own Birdy Bunks, Birdy Perch Tents, Shoulder Capes, Toys & Accessories. Unfortunately we are unable to upload all of our products, so if you are interested in a product please visit our facebook page or contact us via the 'contact us' tab and i will assist you further by emailing images of products etc.

We are hobbyists that enjoy keeping you and our feathered friends happy. All products are tested amongst our birds and other breeders to ensure quality.

- All of our Birdy bunks are made with a plastic base for support and stability, allowing them to be 100% washable. We recommend simply wiping them out with a damp... cloth or hand washing. Some customers also machine wash. The bases slide around to allow hanging of the bunks in odd cages etc and just need to be slid around and adjusted to be straight/level again after washing.

- Our clips and loops are sewn close to the bunks to minimize chewing of the loops.

- Our birdy perch tents are made with removable perches to allow washing. 100% Machine washable.

- All of our timber toys are non-toxic and made by us here in our own home along with all of our Birdy Bunks, Birdy Perch Bunks, Snuggle rings and accessories

- Our prices are affordable (Where else can you get Small Birdy bunks $8, medium $12 and large $16) and as you will see all products are made of quality!

- We sell wholesale to suit pet-shops and hand-raisers and don't have an excessive minimum buy. Ours only being a min. of 10 items purchased.

- We post AUSTRALIA wide at the standard prices of Australia post. We have stock so there is no waiting (unless there is exceptional circumstances), once payment is made it is posted if not the same day, the next day.

- As for any bird toys and accessories, please inspect your birdy bunk on a regular basis - for any loose threads and general wear and tear :)

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Small Birdy Bunks Suit: Budgies, Lovebirds, Canaries, Small Conures or Lorikeet species and similar sized birds

Medium Birdy Bunks Suit: Quakers, Cockatiels, Conures, Lorikeets, Ringnecks and similar sized birds

Large Birdy Bunks Suit: Alexandrine, Ringneck, Galah, Eclectus, Corella, King parrot and similar sized birds

 We have bargain birdy bunks that are made of cotton on the outside and fleece on the inside. As pictured above we then have the deluxe Birdy Bunks that are fur on the inside and out.

  • Small Bargain: $8
  • Small Deluxe: $14
  • Medium Bargain: $12
  • Medium Deluxe: $18
  • Large Bargain: $16
  • Large Deluxe: $25

Postage Rates


To post any size birdy bunk, the costs are: $7 unregistered - $10.05 registered

We are happy to combine postage, please contact  us and we will advise the postage costs.